Green tea and The Book Launch

I’ve decided that green tea does something to my metabolism that makes me SO HUNGRY by the end of the day… Not quite sure exactly what it does, but it does something (especially if you have two cups in one day, which I frequently do). On top of this tea-induced hunger, I have definitely not had enough protein today. So now I’m STARVING.
Fine, you say. Why don’t you go and eat something?
The problem is that I’m just about to head out the door to attend the launch of Diana Glenn’s book (‘Dante’s Reforming Mission and Women in the Comedy‘). This shindig is being held at Flinders’ city Art Gallery: it’ll be classy — it’s a work shindig, so it’ll play host to all of the Flinders head honchos that may (or may not) continue my contract come December — it’ll have refreshments — and drinking even one glass of wine could very well make me tipsy.*

*stomach rumbling*

I wonder how much alcohol a muesli bar will soak up?

*Of course, the sensible thing to do would be to opt for the OJ at the launch. But have you ever tasted book launch OJ? So watery, so pulpy. Bleeechhh. I’ll just have to take my chances on the wine, and hope that there are lots of nibbles to snack on…


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