The book launch was lovely, and the food was plentiful (*delicious* goat’s cheese tarts with pesto, mini quiche tarts (that were so buttery, but soooo good), asparagus spear finger sandwiches, and cheese! Glorious cheese…) So the glass of bubbly went down a treat, and despite the heels I decided to wear, there were no stumbles or embarassing moments 😉
And I got thanked in the author’s speech! (I designed the launch invitations — the author loved them, bless her heart.)
Now it’s time to continue reading the dreadfully boring book I’m reviewing… which will be a challenge, since I’m feeling rather sleepy (a trend for today, I’d say) and the breeze coming in my window is so nice and cool. Sleep tonight will be so much more comfortable than last night (it stayed around the 30 degree mark until about 7am, at which point the mercury dipped to 23 degrees… Too warm for good sleeping, despite the fact that I stayed up reading so late!)
OK. Focus: read boring book, THEN sleep…


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