How could I forget to mention this?!? Look at the email that greeted me this weekend:

"Dear Lisa Bennett

It is a great pleasure to inform you that your abstract has been accepted by the organizing committee for The 14th International Saga Conference in Uppsala 2009 and that we are looking forward to your paper."

It goes on from there, but basically — I’m going to Sweden in August next year! Yeah, baby! PLUS, my friend KB is also giving a paper at the conference, and we’ve managed to score tickets to see Jude Law play Hamlet in London the week after the conference takes place!
Happy, happy me.
Now I just have to fill out the f*#%ing grant application forms that will fund my European jaunt… Boo hoo. (JUDE. LAW.)



    1. Thanks! And you’re absolutely right… Damn the conference for being next year instead of this year! Oh well, I’ll have to just settle for Jude… He’s purdy… 😉

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