The week so far:

  1. Went to see Kate Grenville speak about her newest book, The Lieutenant, at the Grainger Studio, then had burritos. Books and Mexican food — great combo.
  2. Designed the Movember Quiz night invitations (will put it up here when I’m next in the office). Gotta love the mo’.
  3. Designed the Transnational Literature journal’s website (it’s pretty, but boring. Just the way they wanted it…)
  4. Met with the Network of Early European Research yesterday about a potential event here in Adelaide next September — looks promising. This means I’ll be convening a symposium and a conference in Adelaide next September… and trying to get my thesis ready for submission. Hmmm. Should reevaluate my willingness to organise such things in the future…
  5. Had a good long chat with my mom and with my sister on the phone yesterday (Happy Birthday Kel!); found out my aunt/godmother has a brain tumour. WTF.
  6. Had dinner with KC & co.
  7. Worked on "Singing Breath" in snippets and stolen moments. I am going to be a hermit this weekend so that I can have lots and lots of uninterrupted writing time. In fact, I’m not even going to get out of my pyjamas if I can help it.
  8. Meeting with my thesis supervisor this afternoon, and have a workshop with the other postgrads after that.
  9. Meeting with B,A,M to celebrate B’s imminent PhD submission (lucky shit.)

Is it only Thursday? Sheesh.

And I still haven’t gotten a pumpkin yet…


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