Chad’s gone to see How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. And even though I love Simon Pegg, I decided to stay home. Hours and hours of wonderfully quiet writing time have been mine all evening — and now I am a happy girl.
I’m 1,239 words into "Singing Breath" and I’ve sketched out about 2,000 more. The challenge I’ve set myself is to make this one come in under 5,500 words, all told.
So far, so good.* Progress is slow, but that’s because I’m refining as I go, to keep the word count down. At this rate, though, I wonder how on earth am I going to churn out a story a week at Clarion??? (Chest constricts — breath becomes shallow — aaaahhh! It’s only about two months away! Who knew excitement and fear were twins?)

*Stay tuned. This is bound to change… it inevitably does. Somehow I end up writing myself into situations where I have to axe 3,000+ words out of unwieldy stories…


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