Aurealis Awards Finalist: Best Horror Short Story!

I had such a wonderful surprise this morning when my lovely friend Margot texted to congratulate me on being shortlisted for an Aurealis Award this year — that was the BEST way to find out that ‘Outside, A Drifter’ is nominated for Best Horror Short Story!! So cool! This story first appeared in Looming Low, edited…… Continue reading Aurealis Awards Finalist: Best Horror Short Story!

Three (!!!) Aurealis Award nominations

A couple of days ago, The Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF), organisers of the 2015 Aurealis Awards, were delighted to announce the finalists for the Awards… And, I must say, I was and continue to be delighted to see that three — THREE! — of my short stories have been nominated for awards (two…… Continue reading Three (!!!) Aurealis Award nominations