Things to do while not writing your thesis… Part One

1) Watch the sugar-replacement tablets dissolve in your cup of tea. Time how long it takes for them to fade into the surrounding tea gloom (17 seconds)2) Rail inwardlly at the incompetence of the inventor of Blu-tac. Shake your fist at the heavens (or, more accurately, in the Blu-tac inventor’s general direction) as the pictures on…… Continue reading Things to do while not writing your thesis… Part One

People of the Book

I’ve gotten an advanced copy of this book to review for a forthcoming issue of The Adelaide Review – I’m about 150 pages in, and I’m hooked. This is a beautifully crafted piece of work. All authors (fledgling or otherwise) take note: Brooks is a writer that knows how to jump from back story to main narrative with…… Continue reading People of the Book

A writer. Officially.

So yesterday I got my first rejection letter, via email (oh, how the times have changed). With this carefully worded form-letter rejection, I would like to announce that I’ve grasped the magic sword (or poisoned chalice) and I have anointed myself ‘writer’. Officially.Curious about what a rejection letter looks like? Here’s the first specimen (of…… Continue reading A writer. Officially.