My tombstone is here!

Because life is totally not normal (for anyone) right now, I was completely remiss in posting about the fact that my novella ‘By Touch and By Glance’ was not only a finalist for an Australian Shadows Award for Long Fiction, but it also actually won!! I enthused all over social media about this, so it’s not that I wasn’t completely honoured and delighted at the time, I was just slack here! Mea culpa.

There was a delay in getting the awards out to winners (thanks to complications of life, Covid, and everything) but now: here it is! My tombstone is here!

Fun fact: Paul Haines and I tied for the first award I ever won for a horror short story, and now our names are immortalised on this awesome statue. Paul was a master of long-length dark fiction, and I’m honoured to have won this award for my unsettling needle-witch novella. Thanks, AHWA!


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