The countdown is on for the release of Songs for Dark Seasons! This part of the process is always anxciting: waiting for the book to be a real thing in the world while, at the same time, reviewers have ARCs and some lovely folks are starting to talk about it… Here are some beautiful blurbs for the book:

Lisa L. Hannett’s three previous collections … brought awards and critical acclaim. Songs for Dark Seasons is just as laudable… All of the thirteen stories … are excellent. — Locus

What sere territory for the surreal is Lisa L. Hannett’s new collection! Songs for Dark Seasons is exactly what the title promises: dirt-encrusted, algae-slimed, ragged fingernail-in-the-flesh magic. It’s what happens when the school of hard knocks ruts in a ditch with rough-talking poetry. What a stern and monstrous glittering is born therefrom: something like the honey-crust of golden ore breathed out by sleeping predators. This book isn’t pretty or full of mercies, no; it’s dark and tricksy, uncomfortable, unflinching, rife with body horror, full of awful splendor, with meat and bones aplenty to chaw on. — C. S. E. Cooney, World Fantasy Award-winning author of BONE SWANS: STORIES

The world of Lisa Hannett’s Songs for Dark Seasons, a series of stories linked by place, is like a country town and all its quirky inhabitants sharing their daily lives with gods and monsters. The mythic intrudes upon and illuminates the everyday and the everyday returns the favor. The writing is beautiful throughout, even in the dark, harrowing, parts, and the imagination brilliant in its invention, description, and understated humor. A fantasy vision unlike any other. — Jeffrey Ford, Shirley Jackson and World Fantasy Award-winning author of THE NATURAL HISTORY OF HELL and CRACKPOT PALACE


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