Smoke Billows, Soot Falls: Now with cover art and blurbery

Things have been quiet on this website lately, but that’s because I’ve been busy behind the scenes! Coming close and fast on the heels of the Spectral Book of Horror Stories announcement, I’ve had news about my Spectral chapbook (which will be published very soon) — namely, the atmospheric cover art has been revealed, along with the blurb:

On busy days Amund Endqvist can ghost fifty people before lunch, and half again as many by closing time. After working in the Korgodok for nearly twenty years, he is expert at keeping Hakodeshi prisons empty, its streets cleaner than ever in the city’s long history. Without complaint, Amund has performed this public service, hunched over a Davenport in the old church’s nave. Until today his work has been automatic, swift, and clear.

But when his wife’s file crosses Amund’s desk, an insistent inner voice whispers rebellion. What has Yvonne done? Does she deserve to lose her life?

And will Amund be the one to ghost her?

If you’re at all keen to read on, you can get one of the limited edition chapbooks here!


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