On Angst and Fear and Envy…

20100830193250!The_ScreamFor the past week, Alan Baxter has been posting an excellent bunch of interviews on his website, in a series he’s calling “The Ongoing Angst of Successful Writers”. So far he’s interviewed Kaaron Warren, Angela Slatter, Joanne Anderton and Trudi Canavan (and there’s still Margo Lanagan to come!) Yesterday it was my turn to answer Alan’s three questions:

1. What do you still fear as a writer, when it comes to putting your work out there? What fills you with doubt and angst?

2. What career markers do you still strive for? What heights are you determined to scale?

3. Whose career do you envy? Why?

Head on over here to see how I’ve tackled these simple-but-tricky questions.


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