Inspiration: Nicole Dextras

Yes, I’m still working on that lecture, but in the meantime I’m thinking about my novel and wishing I was working on it instead, and so I’m looking at artwork online, as I tend to do, for inspiration. Ahem.

I stumbled across Nicole Dextras’ work online a few years ago, while I was working on my thesis / wishing I was writing, and I’ve never forgotten these beautiful, ethereal, creepy, magical, frozen installations… So I thought I’d share some of my favourites from the ‘IceShifts’ series with you.

On her website, the artist explains: “IceShifts is a series of photographs consisting of deconstructed garments frozen into blocks of ice, which are then photographed. This new artwork grew out of a photographic study of fabric suspended in water, which evolved into freezing clothing and enabling the light to shine through it. […] Although frozen in time, the garments appear to dance, simultaneously forming and deforming, like unmasked shape shifters.”

All of these images can be found (and purchased as prints!) on the artist’s website.

Another set of images — including the GORGEOUS ‘Pharos’ series — can be viewed on this Flickr account.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger views.



  1. Very interesting photos! Although I did not inherit my mother’s talent I still love art and photography. I only wish to have more time to explore all the websites and personal galleries I found constantly online πŸ™‚

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