Six Years, Stacked

Had the PhD of Doom bound in leather, so it’s all said and done. The Library wants two copies and they want the font in gold — but since I think the gold is ugly, I got one specially made with silver text just for me. The rest of the copies are to be distributed to the Three Supervisors Extraordinaire, one for Dr Chad and one for the parentals.

NOW I am finished. Graduation is on December 15 and for the first time I am actually going to attend the ceremony and receive my degree in person (I was in Taiwan for my BFA grad, and in Canada when I graduated from Flinders). Pictures will be taken and posted. If I can pull it off, there will be fireworks. If possible, they will shoot out from my graduation crown (no mere mortarboard will do) and will spell out the words “I’M FINISHED, SUCKERS”.

Stay tuned.


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