Down the Rabbit Hole

As of tomorrow morning, I’ll be tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole in an attempt to churn out 30,000 words by Sunday night.

Considering I wrote 1,250 words on a new story today, I’m thinking the 10,000 word a day goal is going to be hard to reach, but I’m going to give it a shot. I’m not usually a “churn out all the words you can” type of writer: I edit as I go so that, usually, the first draft is pretty close to the final draft. It’s a slow way of writing in the short-term, but in the long-term it saves a lot of rewriting… Still, I’m going to do my best to churn and if I wind up with 10,000-15,000 words on the novel by the end of the weekend, I’ll be delighted.

In order to make this task a bit easier, I’ve planned out some important plot points and have done a bunch of character sketches, figured out what motivates these people, how they know each other, how their world works, how it messes with their plans… But there’s still a lot I don’t know, and that’s what will make writing the novel exciting. I’m not quite sure yet what they’re going to sound like, how they’re going to react to the situations I put them in, where things are going to go wrong. I know how they’re going to get from A to B but have no idea how they’ll wind up at Z.

This is going to be fun.




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