Art & Ghosts

Last week for my birthday, Chad gave me a postcard with this image on it. He wrote nothing on the card’s back, so as not to dent the image with the press of his pen; he knew I’d want to frame it. (Yes, he knows me well.)

'A Winter's Tale' by Art & Ghosts

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!?! Well, to my sheer and utter delight, the artist (Louise Robinson, aka Art & Ghosts) has created dozens and dozens of these stunning fairy tale-ish images… I love so many of them, so very much, I want to buy them all.

I also want to boost the signal for this artist because, frankly, everyone should explore her creations. Yes, everyone. But particularly you writers, you readers, and all of you who’d love to have a little bit of magic in your day. If nothing else, these breathtaking images will give you that.

It’s impossible for me to highlight all of the works I love — she is quite prolific, our Ghost — but here are a few with which I am smitten. (I’m head over heels with ‘Songs from the Woods’!) All images and content © 2010, Louise Robinson/Art&Ghosts. Please visit her website for more images, for contact information, and — most importantly — details on how to buy some of these gorgeous prints!


'Songs from the Woods' by Art & Ghosts
'Bear Souls' by Art & Ghosts
'Penny Farthing' by Art & Ghosts
'No Vacancies' by Art & Ghosts

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