Great review of Shimmer #13…

…in which Jessica Barnes at The Portal has some lovely things to say about my story, ‘Gutted’:

One of the best stories in this issue is “Gutted,” by L.L. Hannett. Erl doesn’t believe in selkies, but everyone around him does, and when his wife goes missing after confessing to an affair, Erl is pulled into searching the seas for her. In a world where fishermen hunt bloodthirsty mermaids and a wife’s absence can be explained—and believed—by revealing her mythological nature, the truth of what happened to Erl’s wife unfolds in a chilling fashion. From the matter-of-fact violence of the fisherwives filleting mermaids to the Poe-esque fate of Erl’s wife, “Gutted” perfectly blends the sordidness of everyday human behavior with the fantastical.

You can read the rest here.

(Thanks to Aidan Doyle for drawing this review to my attention!)


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