Got any Strange Questions?

Head on over to the Bitten By Books site today for the Tesseracts 14 launch event. For the next 24 hours, the T14 authors will be asking and answering such strange questions as:

What’s the oddest dream you’ve ever had? What’s the first strange thing you remember? Do you, or do you not, write in your pyjamas?

We’ll be answering questions until Saturday night (Sunday for people in Australia like me!) so come on over to the site and pose some strange questions of your own!

How to play:
Pick an author’s question to answer.
Ask a strange question of your own. (The question can just be directed
to the authors, strange is optional.)
Thanks for joining us today for the online launch of Tesseracts
Fourteen: Strange Canadian Stories


Edge Publishing will be  giving away Amazon gift cards to 3 lucky winners. One for $30, one for $25 and one for $15. They will pick random winners and contact you directly not Bitten by Books. Be sure to go to their site for more details about the book.


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