Writing. Totally unpredictable.

So I sat down this morning with a couple of goals in mind:

1) Jot down notes for the three stories I’ve got percolating for the collection and see what plots arise.

2) Expand the other story I’ve been scribbling away at in fits and starts all week (between editing the Gargantuan Story and working on that PhD thing) and possibly add some vaguely polished sentences.

A good plan, I think, considering it’s the long weekend and I have actually managed to steal some time for nothing but writing.

Then I watched the news this morning,* which twigged another story idea. Or a character, really, more than the full story. So I sat myself down in front of the computer and decided I’d take down my first impressions about this fellow, then get back to the stories I’d already begun working on today.

That was two hours ago.

Now this guy has taken over. He’s got a history, a task, and a couple of ladies in his truck. He’s got places to go before morning, and I’ve got to get him there.

Bossy thing. Didn’t he know I had other plans for today??

*Which is newsworthy in itself, btw. I usually consume my news in internet shots or via that oh-so-old fashioned medium, the radio. Most of the time, I prefer absorbing info about the latest travesties this world cooks up sans visual aids.



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