My first book!!! Or, a post filled with squeeeeeeee!

Russell B. Farr, Ticonderoga Publications’ fabulous editor, has just announced the details for my first collection of short stories. I am so filled with squeeeeeeeeee I can hardly speak, so I’ll let Russell’s awesome press release speak for me:

Ticonderoga Publications is more than well-pleased to announce a forthcoming collection of stories by acclaimed writer and master crafter of unsettling tales Lisa Hannett.

The collection is titled Bluegrass Symphony and scheduled for publication next year.

Since her first publication in 2009, Lisa Hannett’s stories have appeared in numerous anthologies including titles by Twelfth Planet Press, Fablecroft Press and Ticonderoga Publication’s groundbreaking paranormal romance anthology, Scary Kisses. She has published stories in Clarkesworld Magazine, Fantasy Magazine and has tales forthcoming in Weird Tales and Steampunk Reloaded.

Ann and Jeff Vandermeer have enthusiastically agreed to write the introduction.

Bluegrass Symphony deals with cowboys and fallow fields, shapeshifters and rednecks, superstitions and realities in harsh prairie country — and a whole bunch of other things thrown in the mix.

“I was hooked the minute I read the premise,” Ticonderoga Publications editor Russell B. Farr said.

“The stories are amazing, complex mindblowing tales that just have to be read,” Russell added.

Bluegrass Symphony is scheduled for publication in July 2011, in limited edition hardcover and trade editions.

More information will be available in coming months at

Can you hear that?? Yeah, that’s the joyous sound of squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!



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