Come to me, my pretty…

 Some exciting stuff on the writerly front in the past couple of days, so this is inevitably going to be a post with multiple cases of linkery:

Angela Slatter‘s second collection for this year, Sourdough and Other Stories, has a gorgeous cover. You can see the elegant slipcase to the left — but pay a visit to the author’s website to see what glories lie beneath… I’m practically purring as I look at this image… Ooooh, so pretty. (Buy it here. You know you want to.)

In other news, the Music For Another World anthology, in which my story ‘Singing Breath Into the Dead’ is being published, will be available in the next few days… Head on over to Mutation Press’s website to snag yourself a copy — how can you turn down an antho that boasts Aliette de Bodard in its ToC??

Also exciting, I got the proofs of my Tesseracts 14 story last night! I am thrilled to be part of the Tesseracts legacy. As pimped on the publisher’s website:

This anthology joins a 20+ year Canadian literary legacy that features the writing and editing of more than 200 of Canada’s best known authors, including Margaret Atwood, Robert J. Sawyer, Elisabeth Vonarburg, Spider Robinson and William Gibson.

The anthology is due out this October, and has a wonderfully weird cover.

Finally, I finished editing a gargantuan story over the weekend, and am feeling somewhat satisfied with it. I’ll wait a day or two to decide if the things I think have clicked in the edits have, indeed, clicked. For now, I can move on to the romp that is ‘Prohibition Blues’, the story Angela and I are collaborating on for Speakeasy.

Okay, that’s enough clicking and linking for one post. 😉 Stay tuned for my marriage proposal of a review of Galore by Michael Crummey. (Such an unfortunate surname, but we’ll forgive it because the writing is delicious.)


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