Partial Updatery

I’m back from the Land Where Squirrels Run the Internet (aka the wilds of Canadia, where my mother and wonderful new stepfather have their vast abode) so I have finally almost finished updating this shiny new website! Woo!

However, I have yet to supply any of the ‘Snippets’ the header so boldly promises, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. My eyes are drooping, my head is foggy: I spent the final 48 hours of my time in Ottawa with my head in the toilet or hanging out at the Arnprior Hospital with severe food poisoning — and when my stomach stayed in place long enough for me to travel, I hopped on the longest flight ever to get back to Adelaide before my teaching duties start this week. 2.5 days later and voila! home at last and jetlagged as hell.

Things I want to tell you about right now but haven’t the energy to do today:

  1. Kirstyn McDermott’s exciting Adelaide book launch
  2. Galore, a brilliant book by Canadian author Michael Crummey (whose name doesn’t do him any justice!)
  3. My immediate future as Crime Fiction tutor & the joys of Silence of the Lambs (yes, that’s right. There are joys galore there. And not Galore of the Crummey type…)
  4. Miscellaneous items the marshmallow formerly known as my brain has overlooked here.

Consider yourselves forewarned.


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