The Short Post of Yay!

  1. Sold a story to Electric Velocipede! Yay yay yay!
  2. LJ has gone Hallowe’eny — Yay!
  3. Bought a pumpkin on the weekend to make a jack’o’lantern — an actual Hallowe’en pumpkin, not some weird Queensland Blue or butternut squash masquerading as a pumpkin. It’s very hard to find real pumpkins in Australia, I’ve discovered — so was mighty pleased to see one at the local shops.
  4. Have presented my second-to-last lecture this morning (about Old English elegies) and am giving my last lecture this afternoon (about the paradox of the ‘new’ in short story writing). Then it’s only another fortnight until teaching is done for the semester — woo hoo! Oops, I mean YAY (this is, after all, the Short Post of Yay, not the Short Post of Woo-Hoo.)
  5. Have time to sneak in a bit of writing before I have to go to the lecture theatre. Yay!
  6. Superfluous Yay!


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