The Good Window

Two posts in less than a week, you say? What is this world coming to? Maybe Facebook hasn’t eaten her after all…

Just saw that ‘The Good Window’ is up as this week’s feature in Fantasy Magazine! Hooray!

Here’s a wee snippet to whet your appetites:

Ned’s wordwind fluttered in V-formation around her, spilling little white lies in its wake, immediately retracing its path to cross them out. Words swirled through her hair, pale tendrils lifting as paragraphs tornadoed above her head. Ned pinched the slowest phrases between her fingers, popping them into her mouth before they could escape.

Keep reading — here.



  1. Simply brilliant! What a great concept, the world-building is complete but economical at the same time. I really dug this piece.
    “Babies cried, spilling alphabet jumbles into the mix.”
    You are one clever scribbler, but you don’t need me to tell you this. Well done on a great story 🙂

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