Well, hello there.

Long time, no post.
Still no internet at home, and the hours I’ve spent at uni have been theoretically devoted to working on my thesis (although no new wordage has happened on that front all week. My brain just ain’t playing nice when it comes to Icelandic genealogies. And I left my USB at home today, which has my new work on it. D’oh!) so I haven’t been LJing as much as I’d like.
So. Plan for today:

  1. Have lunch.
  2. Look up the MWF site and confirm that China Mieville will be attending before I get too excited about that.
  3. Do some real thesis work.
  4. Committee meeting at 5pm (yawn).
  5. Hopefully catch the 6:15 bus home, otherwise I’m stranded at uni until 9pm.
  6. Once home, work on the *new* story that spilled out of me, almost fully-formed, on Tuesday. (And she wonders why the thesis writing is going slowly… Probably a good thing that I left the USB at home, come to think of it.) V. exciting because this is the first post-Clarion story I’ve written that actually has a beginning, middle, end, and characters and all that storyish stuff in it. And I like it, which is a plus.
  7. Continue dancing a jig because of the story I sold to Fantasy yesterday. (The glow on that one won’t get dull for a long time, I suspect…)



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