When in Adelaide, Thou Shalt Fringe

The Adelaide Fringe is tearing up the city as we speak — it opened Friday night with an insane parade, and the fun won’t stop until 22 March. Those of you in Adelaide, or heading to Adelaide in the next few weeks, there’s no excuse to miss this show:

Sound & Fury’s ‘Sherlock Holmes & the Saline Solution’
It’s Holmes under the parody magnifying glass! “5 Stars! Naturally & effortlessly hysterical! Completely different, first-class hour-long belly laugh!”- Edinburgh Evening News UK “5 Stars! The manic energy of The Marx Brothers: these are truly modern vaudevillians at the height of their powers!’- FringeReview.co.uk BankSA Rave-Review Winner ‘Cyranose!’ Adelaide 2008.
We went to see it on Saturday night, and it was brilliant. Sound & Fury wowed Adelaide with their parody of ‘Macbeth’ last year, and this year’s take on Sherlock Holmes (or, really, a parody of all mystery/crime fiction) was absolutely hilarious. Any show that can incorporate jokes about American politics, blow-up sex dolls, botched police procedures, have TWO Sherlocks, and make spectacularly witty visual puns is the show for me.


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