Post-Clarion, Day 2

I’m feeling much more productive today than I did yesterday at this time… A good sign, I hope. It’s not yet 10:00 and I’ve checked all of my email (haven’t replied to all of them yet, but still) and I’ve gotten my dose of Clarion-friend goodness (thanks to all of you who are much more reliable at posting on the Yahoo group than I am!)
Also, I had some excellent writerly help from the gorgeous tallaudrey before I had even had a cup of tea this morning, which has made my day all bright and Shiny 😉 And I had an OK sleep last night, so the thought of reading a dry academic tome all morning isn’t as daunting as it seemed to be yesterday.
AND, I got a new idea for a story while I was on the bus this morning (you’ll all notice a trend when it comes to me generating ideas: most of them occur when I’m on planes, buses, or in the car. There’s just something about moving while sitting still that really makes my imagination kick in. Or falling asleep does it for me, too. Analytical brain shutting off = imagination coming to life) so I hope to expand that idea out into a real story soon. I was really worried that my ideas brain would have been completely sucked dry after 6 weeks at Clarion, so the fact that a few ideas (not the best ideas, but ideas nonetheless) are coming to mind is a huge relief. My notebooks won’t remain empty — hooray! But before I can expand these new (possibly crap) ideas, I have to finish doing edits on my Week 5 story and my Week 1 story, both of which I hope to send out into the world ASAP.
Now as long as the server at Flinders doesn’t konk out the way it did for much of yesterday, I should get some work done. Should.


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