The day that was

Another smashing* session of crits this morning with the legend that is Jeff VDM. Will not bore you all with another gush-post.
I stayed up *late* last night having a few drinks with La Cuisinista (read: tallaudrey) and Dr. North, then spent too much time chatting online with BDC, and then finished reading Kissing the Witch so that I could return it to the gorgeous Cuisinista before the end of the week.
Bottom line: this morning I was a sleepy bunny.
Neverthless, I had a lovely lunch with Angela and the uber-genius Ronnie Scott, editor of The Lifted Brow (the latest issue of which, for those of you in Brisbane, is being launched tomorrow evening at Avid) chatting about stories, life at Clarion, and the fact that mystical pigs do indeed qualify as spec-fic.
I haven’t even touched the crits for tomorrow (well, that’s not entirely true: I touched them long enough to shove them to the far side of my desk) but I did have a very productive afternoon in terms of napping.
Dr North will be arriving at our abode in a matter of moments for (an alcohol-free) dinner so the crits and I won’t be having a date until later this eve.
Tomorrow is a big day: crits, lunch with stephmor, then back to the Batcave to get dolled up because we’re going to Ecco for a fancy dinner tomorrow night. Before dinner, however, we will be going to Avid to see VDM in action–and I will also be doing a reading *gulp* I intend to distract the audience with my sparkly gold belt, so that they will be entranced enough not to pay too close attention to my reading… I’ve picked a short piece I wrote about a week ago, so even if the belt doesn’t work, it will all be over quickly.

*It is my goal to re-introduce the word ‘smashing’ as a commonplace expression.


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