Crit day

I feel entirely neutral about today’s crit, which is a good thing (no heart-wrenching for Lisa — hooray!) I like this week’s story. I got some fantastic (and incredibly useful) suggestions from Trent. He rocks: he is a sensitive and insightful tutor (and a sufficiently devilish reader). All good on the Trent front. And there were some very helpful as well as not-so-helpful suggestions from the group. So, basically, I’m brought back to my first point: I like this story. Will take some feedback on board and leave the rest flailing about in the water until it drowns. When I’m back in the ‘real’ world I will make some edits, disregard the suggestions I don’t think will improve the story, and then send it out. Ta-da!

And since I’ve decided to be a maniac and submit two stories for Week 6, I’d better get to it…



  1. Your stories always have cool ideas.
    Maybe I was biased this time because I had to finish my own story last night and I was very tired and had to read a 7000+ word story. 🙂

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