On ignoring your own rules

Today’s writing was hard.
My tired brain couldn’t even piggyback Angela’s mojo, even though she was writing up a storm next door. I kept writing, then deleting; writing then deleting; thereby ignoring one of my most fundamental ‘rules’ of writing.
Namely, write something. Edit later, because you can’t edit nothing.
I seem to have forgotten that rule somehow today… Maybe I accidentally deleted it some time before dinner.
So I squeezed about 200 words out this afternoon–but after a delicious dinner (thanks entirely to Angela — mmmmmmm… haloumi cheese… kangaroo pasta…) I sat my reluctant arse down and now the first section of the story is in draft form, weighing in at about 512 words. I know where the story’s going–I didn’t entirely waste my afternoon: plotting was accomplished–now I just have to get it there.
Unfortunately, 4 stories need to be critted tonight, so no more writing for a few hours at least. Bless Liz and her 700 word story.
We loves her.


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