Weird upon weird upon weird

My body hasn’t quite decided if it’s caught a cold or if it’s suffering from allergies. Either way, I’ve been doing my best to alleviate the symptoms of this mysterious condition by eating lots of chocolate and Nanaimo bars (the last of these c/o Ron. Lucky me – you just can’t get Nanaimo bars like these anywhere! Yum yum yum.)
My second story got critiqued this morning — the feedback was really helpful (well, for the most part). Some of the problems I thought the story had were also identified by the other Clarionites, which was good to know. Suggestions were offered. Thoughts were processed. All good. I was worried people wouldn’t get one of the important connections I was trying to make, but everyone did seem to get it. Hooray! Now I will let this story sit for a day or two before I look at it again, otherwise critique overload will destroy it.
All in all, I got a really positive vibe from (most) people–some people loved having weirdness piled upon them, others felt they were drowning in waves of weird upon weird–and I’m feeling quite chuffed with people’s reactions (even the confused and/or weird-despising reactions!)
And I’ve just had a very clear sign that we are well and truly settled in here at our little place in Kelvin Grove: I just sneezed (which most of you will know I have a tendency to do, repeatedly and in multiples of 3) and Angela waited until after the third (and final) sneeze to say, ‘Bless you.’ 🙂


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