Three haiku (is the plural ‘haikus’? That just sounds wrong…) for today. A rested brain is a productive brain. Actually, I realised that my brain is like the Dalek that appears in Dr Who (Rob Shearman’s Dalek: the one with heart): if you torture it, it will be stubbornly silent. But if you treat it with kindness, it will speak.
At least, that’s the theory.
Anyway, haiku #1:

Green cricket launches
tangling his body in hair
one girl is screaming
Haiku #2:
When children transform–
innocents to predators
–witches are involved.
Haiku #3 (this one’s for Rob Shearman, not for the Dalek, but a remix of ‘Damned if You Don’t):
Falling in love with
HItler’s dog is easy when
you are both in hell.
OK, enough haiku-ey goodness. This morning we all jumped into a pair of maxi taxis and went and enjoyed delicious yum cha at the Golden Palace (many thanks to Sean for his generosity, and for the suggestion that we go). Then a group of us walked back to the uni (hot, sweaty, noon time sun — I got a bit sunburnt) before we started the crits for the day.
‘Evil Sean’ has appeared (not so evil yet, but my story’s getting critiqued tomorrow so this bird might be singing a different tune in 24 hours…) and I have no idea how he’s going to find the time to maintain this level of thorough ‘evilness’.
Tonight will see me reading/critiquing 3 stories, and tweaking last week’s story to incorporate some of the suggestions I received. And then it’s on to Week Three story (the opening is in my head, asking to be let out…)
Angela is here with chocolate. Gotta go. πŸ˜‰





  1. How very lovely, and very kind. I don’t think anything I’ve ever done has inspired a haiku before! Thank you very much!
    Enjoy the chocolate – and give my love to Angela and Sean!

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