I suppose yesterday was officially day one of Clarion, but today really really feels like day one…
First crits begin in 30 minutes. Eek!
Which means, of course, that we’re here and we’re all settled in at ‘Kelvin Grove’, our swanky new digs for the next 6 weeks.
The living situation is pretty sweet: Angela and I share the bottom floor of our apartment (halleluiah for sharing with Angela!), which is right next to the balcony, kitchen and–best of all!–the GIRL BATHROOM, while the boys have rooms upstairs. Who says segregation doesn’t work? (Especially if it means that we get to have a fragrant GIRL BATHROOM!)
We had a great welcome yesterday (after my rather circuitous journey getting here — bus to Brisbane from the Gold Coast anyone?) with pizza, chats with Sean (who will be our tutor for 2 weeks (hooray!) due to Marianne de Pierres having to unfortunately pull out at the last moment) and lovely catching up with Angela. We established that we’re both Taureans, so we will get along just dandy.
We also discovered that elephants are unstoppable when they’re drunk, and that Thorbrand sucks. And it’s only day one. The mind boggles.
Speaking of minds, mine is on holiday still… So glad I submitted my week one story already! I forced myself to pound out some ideas last night, but a succession of ideas does not a story make if there is no plot to connect them…


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