Late night, early morning

Yesterday started off like crap, but ended up being pretty productive.
New words added to albatross chapter: 1,824.
Chapter total: 2,947. (This doesn’t seem like much, but considering I’ve also written 2,620 words in the footnotes I think there will be no risk of sticks shaking at that figure.)
PLUS, I decided that the albatross chapter is, in fact, TWO CHAPTERS! Ha ha! Take that, albatross! Flee before the overwhelming power of my ‘New Document’ creating skills!
Two days left until my self-imposed thesis deadline… Will I make it to the end of the chapter by COB tomorrow?
But will I make it to the end of the chapter by COB Monday?
We’ll see.

And when I got home last night, I fought with the albatross until about 10:00 before I allowed myself to tweak the story I’m going to shoot Ann VDM’s way (bombs away!) 
Some time around 1:30 am, I realised that the tweakage had begun to morph into a major overhaul without me noticing. Massive chunks of the narrative have been tossed out, phrasings have been changed, characters have been entirely deleted.
It still needs more work, but the surgery is going well. I hadn’t looked at this story in months, which has been a very useful exercise.
I’m distanced from it now. I can see the good bits, and can see where I was overly indulging my imagination to the story’s detriment.
I’m still not sure how it’ll end up, or if it’ll work better now that I’m slightly more impartial about it.
Now I’m at that stage where I want to keep working on it — can’t stop thinking about it — want to save some bits — excise more — quicken the pace — etc., etc.

But the albatross is squawking, drowning out these desires.
For now…


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