So my ‘Nation’ chapter currently stands at exactly 31,000 words.
No, that’s not a typo.
31-freaking-thousand words.
Bear in mind that the ENTIRE thesis is meant to be 80,000-100,000 words.
I have 4 other chapters to write. Plus Intro and Conclusion.
11,559 of those words are real contributions to the chapter, and have the supervisor’s ‘rough draft’ seal of approval.
The rest is cobbled together out of notes, snippets, and utter shite. All of which has to be condensed and magically transformed into real paragraphs, preferably tied together with an argument of some sort, by COB on Friday, December 19 (my self-imposed deadline — I have to rid myself of this fucking albatross of a chapter before Christmas, otherwise I will never be able to regain my sanity.)
Mission: Impossible.

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