Return of the mojo…

  1. Io is a purring machine. His love for me has returned in full force. My allergy-ridden sinuses prove it 😉
  2. Leia? Much less bitey. Much less swearing has been shot in her direction this evening.
  3. We’ll not talk about the attack of the flies. Flies aren’t mammals, and so they don’t count in the Snow White Mojo contest.

On other fronts:

  1. Two loads of laundry: done and hung up.
  2. Reworked ‘No Ordinary Coward’. It’s now 1st person instead of omniscient 3rd. Working much better (but it’s still very rough.)
  3. No decision made on the ‘chase or no chase’ front.
  4. Story sitting around the 1,000 word mark as it stands, but still needs more. I’m aiming for fewer than 1,500 words… and I’m still on course. I think.

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