Last night I dreamt that I arrived at Clarion and it was being held at a rickety old summer camp… Everyone was huddled around a campfire watching some sort of ‘Welcome to Clarion’ film (which was being projected, old-school style, on one of those white screens that all highschools had in the 80s). There wasn’t any room for me on the bleachers around the campfire, and so I went to speak to Kate E about it… and she turned out to be a werewolf.
I think it’s an indication of the busy week I’ve been having,* which doesn’t show any sign of relenting (and which means I’ve been having to steal moments to write, instead of indulging in it at length.)

This weekend is going to be madness, starting with today (and pretty much extending into next week).


  1. Take notes from Landnámabók and from Adam of Bremen.
  2. Re-read Kristni saga  Íslendingabók; take notes.
  3. Try to finish reading the never-ending review book.
  4. Work on the short short story I’ve been nibbling at over the past few days (damn the thesis for taking away from story-writing!)
  5. Meet up with old workmates from the bookshop for dinner/drinks.


  1. Book sale with Dr Nick, the Pre-Raphaelite Ms V, and Dr Sexington.
  2. Drive to Meadows, SA to collect a dozen bottles of wine (prizes for the quiz night)
  3. Collect other quiz night prizes from Gritti Palace, Universal Body Day Spa, and possibly Mercury cinema.
  4. Buy other quiz night paraphernalia (such as raffle tickets, etc.)
  5. Buy picture frames for work (FHRC).
  6. Buy a birthday present for Chad’s mum.
  7. Drop Chad’s bike off at the repair shop.
  8. Go to a farewell party for a friend who is returning home to Italy.


  1. Chad’s mum’s birthday lunch.
  2. Work on short short — try to finish a draft.
  3. Whip up the quiz night question forms, the PowerPoint for the questions, the table games — oh, and finish coming up with the actual questions!
  4. Finish bloody review book #1; start writing the review.

Phew! Now I’ve just got to avoid the siren song of the computer (the sweet sweet music of emails hitting my inbox, of lj posts being written, of interesting sites that have absolutely nothing to do with any of the abovementioned list items…) and I’ll get all this shit done.

But I feel like I’m forgetting something on this list…. Hmmmm. Oh well.

*And, of course, it’s a sign of my usual neuroses. Obviously.


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