Book Sale!

You can always count on Adelaide to have at least one major second-hand book sale a month. Today there’s one at the Wheaty, and I’ve dug around in all of the couches for spare change, I’ve rolled my pennies, and I’ve saved my allowance so that I can splurge today on some second-hand goodness.
Then, accompanied by my trusty book sale companions (Dr Nick, the PreRaphaelite Ms V, and Dr Chad Sexington), we will consume a beer or three, then head to the Wonky Eye bakery for a late afternoon snack, before coming back to our place to indulge in a book show & tell (of the books we bought at the sale, but also the books that Chad and I bought when we went overseas. Dr Nick and Ms V are also bringing the books they bought in Canberra to our place, so that we can have the show & tell of those ones as well.) Do we win the nerd award for the weekend? I think so. Hooray!
Then, after we’ve gorged ourselves on books, we will fill ourselves with Chad’s delicious calzones.
What a great day.


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