The weekend didn’t turn out as I imagined it would.
I have decided to apply for an Arts SA grant to see if I can get some (much-needed) help funding my way to Clarion South, and since the application deadline is October 31 I had to get my ass in gear this weekend.
I hate writing applications. Any kind of application. Job, competition, grant, scholarship, academic — whatever. I hate doing it, especially if I’m asking for money in some form. It always makes me feel stressed.
So I spent Sunday doing things I would rather not be doing (such as grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen, working on the grant application, reading part of a really tedious academic book I’m reviewing) instead of doing what I had planned (working on ‘Singing Breath’, which has been whinging at me for days, telling me it’s feeling neglected and rather lonely locked away in the confines of my computer instead of being freed upon the page…)
On an up note, however, I was meant to have three (rather boring) meetings between yesterday and today, and all three of them were resheduled for next week. Yay!
On an even UP-per note, Gillian Rubinstein agreed to be one of my referees for my grant application. I’m so stoked.


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