I think I jinxed myself with yesterday’s post:*

  • Slept in this morning (it’s now 10:30 — half way into my ‘best writing time’)
  • Milk had gone sour in the fridge (a chronic problem in our house…) so there was no caffeinated goodness to be had, no bland fibre to be consumed in cereal form (had to make due with toast and a cup of chai green tea instead — I usually save the tea for my mid-morning procrastination beverage… Well, I suppose it’s fitting that I started off the day with chai, the way things are shaping up…)
  • Internet connection is so slow today (working on Citrix from home is a bitch, even on the best of days. Slow internet makes connecting to the thesis even more painful than usual)
  • Hayfever. Need I say more on this one?

Still, I’m aiming for 1,000…

*I had a very productive short story writing night last night, however. So half of my post was accurate at any rate.


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