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Behold the glory that is the Canterbury 2100 anthology. Now that there’s cover art (by Nick Stathopoulos) the book is officially real. Can’t wait to see it in three dimensions… It’s being launched at Conflux in early October (an event I would love to attend, but instead I will be locked in a cabin in with a bunch of screaming toddlers and more bacon than any 15 humans could consume. Sigh. There’s got to be a story in that…)



  1. Canterbury and Clarion
    Congrats on the Canterbury 2100 story. I’ve got a story in that anthology, too. It’s the Mathematician’s Tale. I was pretty happy to be in there with some of the other writers.
    And I’m sure Clarion South will be a blast. Two of my writing group are going: Mac and Angie. They’re really cool people. Actually, now that I think about it, you’re probably all communicating via chat like we did at Clarion so you probably sort of know them already. I did Clarion this year in San Diego (I was the token Australian), and it was the best 6 weeks of my life. Kelly Link taught week one and she’s really cool. I just saw your blog while I was being self-centered and searching for Canterbury 2100 reviews. (None that I could see so far.) :-).
    Anyway, take it easy.

    1. Re: Canterbury and Clarion
      Congrats to you too, Durand. I haven’t received my copies of the anthology yet, but I’m really looking forward to checking out all of the stories. Like you, I was pretty excited that mine was included amongst such great authors’ works.
      And that’s so cool that you went to Clarion in the States! Does that mean you had a certain Mr Gaiman as your tutor? (If so: lucky duck!) I can’t wait to meet Kelly Link (I adore her writing style) and Margo Lanagan (ditto).
      The organisers for Clarion South have started up a chat group, as you suspected. So I’ve gotten a chance to “meet” Angie and Mac, and they both seem really cool. Everyone does, actually. It’s going to be a blast.
      Anyhow, let me know if you come across any reviews for Canterbury 2100 (I’ve done a few searches for the same thing, and haven’t come up with anything. Yet.)

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