It took me nearly an hour to translate this:

  Þorleikr Höskuldsson hafði verið farmaðr mikill ok var með tignum mönnum, þá er hann var í kaupferðum, áðr hann settisk í bú, ok þótti merkiligr maðr; verit hafði hann ok í víkingu ok gaf þar góða raun fyrir karlmennsku sakar.

to this:

Þorleikr Höskuldsson had been a great seafarer, and was accompanied by honourable men when he was on trading voyages at that time, before he settled on his farm. He was considered a noteworthy man. He had also been ‘a-viking’ and got good experience [for manhood] as a result.

I made some other changes to the article I am working on, and even added an important footnote. 

And then bloody Microsoft piece of shit WORD (if only capitalising this word could encapsulate my disdain) WORD refused to save the document! It refused to delete, to back space, and to copy! It refused any rational procedure, leaving me no option but to close the document and hope for the best.

What was I thinking? This is WORD we’re dealing with here. Of course it lost all of my changes. Of course I have to do them all again!



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