Tuesday Therapy: A Few Keys to the Kingdom

Before reading this week’s Tuesday Therapy session, wander over to Jack Dann’s website and have a gander at his publications pages. Here, I’ll make it easy: clickity-click here and here. Gobsmacking, isn’t it? Over the past four decades, Jack Dann has edited or written over seventy-five books, including the international bestseller, The Memory Cathedral, the…… Continue reading Tuesday Therapy: A Few Keys to the Kingdom

Tuesday Therapy: Letting Ideas Cook

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have Margo Lanagan as a tutor at Clarion South. Rumours of Margo’s famous “words not to use” list were proven true (the list included things like ‘crystalline’ and ‘iridescent’, and now I can’t see either of these words without thinking of Margo) and her passion for…… Continue reading Tuesday Therapy: Letting Ideas Cook