Tuesday Therapy: On Disconnecting

I am so delighted that Joanne Anderton has joined us this week for Tuesday Therapy. Her first novel, Debris, was one of the most enjoyable books I read in 2011 — the type of book that makes you wish, for once, that your bus ride to work was longer because you just don’t want to…… Continue reading Tuesday Therapy: On Disconnecting

FYI: Angry Robot and EWF

After the huge success of last year’s open door submissions, Angry Robot Books is once again opening their doors to non-agented, non-solicited manuscripts, from April 16th to April 30th 2012. They’re looking for “classic” fantasy (epic, medieval, magical, etc) and their YA imprint “Strange Chemistry” is also looking for fantasy for YA readers. Get those…… Continue reading FYI: Angry Robot and EWF